I would do a piece, he would tackle my line of thought – sometimes beyond defence. It was fulfilling and really a thing of joy to be critiqued by someone with such an emulative personage.

He was always battle-ready to be on the other side of my view. And I was usually on the alert to give it back as thrown by him. He would not give up, neither would I lose my resilience. In few minutes, comments would have numbered an unbelievable figure on the thread – all between us both.

From his reservoir, so many things I sipped to my benefit. He was very good at putting words together. His grammar sophistication was wowing. Politely and humorously, he would shape me right where I seemed to have grammatically erred in my epistles.

We didnt know each other from Adam. To date, we’ve not had a physical contact. I am in Lagos, Nigeria. He is in New York, USA, though he is a Nigerian. Facebook bonded us into a family.

One day, he called to give a glad tiding – the second time I would hear his voice. Chief Dauda Sokeye offered to send me a gift. He said it was in appreciation of my fascinating articles. He didn’t disclose what the parcel was, neither did I show any atom of curiosity. I played the butty script.

Given the subtle way it was presented, I couldn’t think of what it later turned out to be. Chief perfected arrangements and sent the gift through a friend whose Nigerian home was in Ikeja.

I went for the gift (of love), having connected with our intermediary. Lo and behold, it was the phone in vogue – beautiful and costly! The package was accompanied with some US dollars which never saw my door before it was changed to the local currency.

Code was wrongly entered on the phone and it got damaged immediately. All efforts to bring it back to life, painfully proved abortive – not even the gurus at the computer village could rectify the technical fault. All engineers encountered advised that the phone be returned to its base. Ha! I almost had tears gush out of me. I was pained that I could not do bigmanism with the phone.

The phone was returned, and surprisingly, I got another one from chief in less than one month. What a heart of magnanimity!


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