The oppression Muslims are subjected to by the whimsical, quaint figures on whose shoulders the affairs of the country (at federal, state and local levels) rests is indisputably a reason to consider participating in the democratic system: tribulations on hijab women at hospitals, oppression of female Muslim students at schools etc. But there is a problem. A perturbing worry.

Those who have run and the ones still running for one portfolio or the other are either Muslims by name or Muslims whose understanding of the Islamic faith is rather shallow. Such individuals misrepresent the religion; they stab fellow faithful the most injurious way. Instances to adduce this abound.

The Lagos state governor who compounded the legality of hijab in public schools is a Muslim. He practically ensured that all moves by well-meaning Muslims to ignite the reality of the Islamic fundamental were trashed into the bin. His strength as SAN was exerted against his own religion. I wonder why he could not see for his religion what an Ekiti christian-governor saw for it and made happen in his state without any hullabaloo.

We’ve of course had strong Muslims venture into democratic politics with the intention of reaching for the utmost goal as identified in the previous episodes of the series. In the end, they brought little or nothing home, and sadly, their level of Islam went almost aground. We can make a good example out of our fantastic brother who ran the gubernatorial race, won and turned out to be a fuji dancer (in the name of electioneering) and an ardent upholder of the fetish Osun-Osogbo barbarism.

I know those might not go down well in his heart as a good Muslim, but he had to act the subjugation script to show that he was a tolerant state administrator. Question: could that be a tenable excuse before Allah on the Day all would account for their stay on earth?

We shouldn’t fold our arms and expect significant change to our favour. To this I agree full-percent. But shouldn’t we start looking beyond presidency, governorship and other offices that keep sinking our brethren in kufr and kabaair? There are positions whose statutory demands are less cumbersome for the holders but whose inherent advantages for the Muslims are innumerable. Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as Central Bank governor is a good example here. He was no president nor governor, yet he did what Muslim presidents and governors could not do for Islam.

To be continued

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