In a democratic system, people opt to be leaders via partisanship or individual candidacy. The former, however, is preponderant across the globe, including the United States – the origin of the governmental system.

Competent or not, all that matters is the interest of the party, and the anointed candidates foisted on the masses. Whereas Islamically, the mere show or launch of interest in leadership renders the individual disqualified. It isn’t for you to say you want to be leader; it is for the people to say they love to be your followers.

Interests are not only shown by mouth. They are launched in exorbitant multicoloured posters whose costs are worth taking the downtrodden from penury to prosperity. The audio, audio-visual and print media are overwhelmed by adverts and jingles worth millions of naira. Campaigners are usually pushed to bite more than they can chew. To this, Islam says a capitalized NO!

Democracy pushes politicians to spend beyond their means prior to their ascension to power. Electioneering campaign is a lucid pointer to this. They borrow, beg and steal to meet up with campaign demands, and the masses suffer for it through pilfering of the nation’s commonwealth having got the mandate they sought of them. Of course, how do you expect their drained purses refilled other than milk the nation’s treasury dry? Democracy makes it as such.

Where parties charge applicants as huge as #20m to obtain candidacy forms, a system that allows such can never be Islamically healthy. Craving to be leader is inappropriate. Charging the one yearning to be leader is grossly inappropriate.

To be continued

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