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How I [YUSUF IBRAHIM] And Many Business Owners Have Taken Advantage Of Several Business Opportunities Just By Registering Our Business With The Corporate Affairs Commission...

''If there is anything a business owner want for his business, it's to take his business to the next level where it flourish and runs well. And one of the paramount way to get your business to next level is to get it registered with the corporate affairs commission''

There's A Saying That Says "Only A Man Who Lies Claims Is Evidence Is Far Away From Him"

In 2018, while I was looking for a way to expand my business. I and so many Individuals was opportune to have access to a business loan worth, Two Million Naira {N2,000,000} free of interest and a business training by Fate Foundation sponsored by the Bank Of Industry through the Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund Scheme but only a few individuals including myself was granted access to this business loan due to the fact that many business individuals does not have their business registered with the corporate affairs commission. 

Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund Scheme

A similar case was the Survive Fund, a grant by the Federal Government and most business owners in Nigeria couldn't have access to this Fund because their business isn't registered with the corporate affairs commission. Another case is the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund {LSETF}. I can go on and on to list out different business opportunities, many business owner couldn't have access to, simply because their business isn't registered with the corporate affairs commission.


→ You Can't Claim The Ownership Of Your Business Name

→ Prospective Customers/Client Might Not Trust You

→ You Tend To Lose A Lot Of Business Opportunities

→ You Can't Have Access To A Government Contract

→ You Can't Open A Corporate Account

→ Little Credibility To Your Business

→ You Can't Access A Grant/Loan


→ You Can Claim The Ownership Of Your Business Name 

→ Prospective Customers/Client Will Trust You More

→ You Have Access To Lot Of Business Opportunities

→ You Can Have Access To A Government Contract

→ You Can Have Access To A Corporate Account

→ High Credibility To Your Business

→ You Can Access A Grant/Loan

It's no doubt that many business owners loves to expand their business and take it to the next level. It's no doubt many business owners need funds to start up or boost their business and one of the key factors to achieve this is by registering your business with the corporate affairs commission. You may want to ask, why is registering your business a key factor to the success of your business. The truth is that, many business individuals have lose a lifetime opportunity that could have changed their business scope to a greater state simply because they failed to register their business with the corporate affairs commission.

But the reality is that many business owners don't know how to go about achieving it, which is why I have decided to create The Ultimate Business Registration And Startup Fund Guide to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level, and the Good-new is that I will be given out this Guide at ZERO COST in other for them to take advantage of it. However, this FREE GUIDE will be available to limited business individuals and for a limited time frame. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity before it comes to an end or tag at a particular fee... Miss it and miss out. Use the button below to get access to the FREE GUIDE NOW

This Free Guide entails the following below:-

  • Numerous Benefits A Business Owner Will Have Access To When His/Her Business Is Registered With The Corporate Affairs Commission.

  • Procedures On How To Get Your Business, Company And Organization Registered With The Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • 15 Trusted Business Grants For Business Owners And How To Apply For Them In Nigeria, And Lot More...

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The Online CAC Registration

Over The Years, Many business Individuals have confided in us to help them take away the stress of registering their business/organization by themselves & get It done for them. If you also want us to help you take the stress away and get It done for within The Next Few Days then check out the below Services Rendered By LoveArewa. If you want to do it by yourself use the button above to get access to the FREE GUIDE.

CAC Online 
Registration Services Made Easy In Nigeria

Welcome to LoveArewa, your number one and most reliable Online CAC Accredited Consultant in Nigeria. Over the years we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs power their ambitions by registering their businesses and/or organization likewise granting interested individuals access to a free registration guide with the corporate affairs commission. 

Getting your business and/or organization registered with the corporate affairs commission comes with a lot of benefit which is why we have listed few amongst the numerous benefit below for you...
Would You Like Us To Do It For You

Your Most Reliable CAC Registration Service Provider in Nigeria

LoveArewa is your most reliable platform for registering your business or non-profit in Nigeria. Be it a small business name registration, a limited liability company incorporation, or an NGO, our expert accredited CAC consultants will help you get your business registration with the corporate affairs commission ready during a few days.

CAC Registration Fees + Payment Options

Affordable Pricing with Flexible Payment Options

Our rates are the most affordable billed by any corporate CAC agency in Nigeria with our delivery standard, expertise and professional service. We also provide different pricing plans and versatile delivery options and deadline guarantees. You can also make an order now with a 60% deposit and pay the balance when you verify your business/company has been fully registered.

Prompt Delivery

We will deliver your documents consistent with pre-agreed timeline to enable you meet that important deadline. With the new digital document system adopted by the CAC, you'll now get the e-copies of your documents immediately your registration is approved.

5 Stars Rating Via Google

Our reputation over the years have proved us to be the perfect consultant for your registration and now is the best time to get your business and/or organization registered with the corporate affairs commission considering the benefit you'd be getting when your business and/or organization gets registered. 

Also our trustworthiness, reliability and fast delivery of registration jobs have kept us ahead amongst others, which is why our esteem customers have been able to rate us well on GOOGLE with a 5 Stars Rating likewise amongst their colleagues, family and friends. You can easily locate our office in Lagos using the map below.  

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Would You Like Us To Do It For You, Below Are The
Services Rendered By LoveArewa

Business Name  + Business Gmail


Essential for startups and for enterprise business.

Business Name  + Business Gmail + Google My Business + TIN Registration 

 Essential for startups and for enterprise business.

Companies  + Business Gmail + Google My Business + Tax Identification Number (TIN)


For company that wants to be private or public companies limited by shares.

Incorporated Trustees Google My Business + Organization Gmail


Incorporate a non-profit organization such as; NGOs, Mosques, Churches, Clubs, etc.


For symbol or word(s) to represent a company or product.


Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) Registration Service.


Filing of annual returns for your business, company and organization is essential for your registration to remain valid with the Corporate Affairs Commission.


Become an affiliate marketer for all services rendered by LoveArewa and earn 10% commission on every successful transaction.


Building a blog, personal business and/or corporate website, sales page(s) to promote your business to the next level.


Designing a premium business/organization logo or flier that speaks all about your business/organization to your potential audience. 


A tax or taxpayer identification number, also known as TIN, is a number issued to individuals and organization to track tax obligations and payments they made to the Federal Inland Revenue  Service {FIRS} and it's issued by the government.


Professionally formatted text is an important part of a book design and it's critical to your success as an author.  A clear hierarchy and readable typeface help create a layout that is inviting to your readers.  


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Customers Reviews


LoveArewa service is one of the best I have come by online. Trustworthy and reliable, despite the fact that I am presently in Malaysia, LoveArewa had successfully registered a limited liability company {Resourceful Education And Management Consulting Limited} and business name {Iroko Farm Enterprise} for me. I am grateful and glad to have been referred to you and I look forward to doing more business with you. Thanks.

Tokunbo Taofeeq 


LoveArewa is the best at what they do. Fast and reliable.

Apaguntan Olusheyi  
Ft De-Bowl Limited
Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria


I got a fantastic service from LoveArewa. I am needed grateful. 
Alaka Ibrahim
Ibak Special NIG Enterprise
Ibadan Oyo, Nigeria
After I had paid for a registration online without any result, then LoveArewa came to my aid. At the moment I have successfully registered a business name through LoveArewa. 
Awesome services and delivered on time. If you are looking to register your business LoveArewa is all you would need.

Atibioke David Sunday
MME Global Resourcery Ventures & DSA Divine International Resourcery Limited
Lagos, Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions By  Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, rely on us for their business launch.

Registering a company/corporation in Nigeria has now become easier thanks to the technological innovations deployed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and therefore the ground breaking provisions contained within the Companies and Allied Matters Act (2020). Over the years we've assisted many Entrepreneurs register their businesses and within the course of our interactions we've encounter different questions and requests. During this article we attempt to provide answers to Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Company Registration in Nigeria.

Q:  Why Should I Trust LoveArewa
A:   LoveArewa is currently the most biggest ONLINE provider of CAC support service in Nigeria and has delivered many business registrations to customers across Nigeria.

Q: I want to register my business in Nigeria. How do I go about it?
A: There are two common options to be considered when starting a business. You can either register it as a Business Name or incorporate a Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Q:  Which Do I Need: Business Name or a LLC?
A:  There are several differences between a business name and a limited liability company registration: 1. LLC are legal entities (recognized legal individuals separate from the owners) while business name is not.
2. In the case of liabilities, LLC is better than BN since the liability of the business will not cross over to the individual possessions of it owners.
3. LLC is better when entering into a partnership with people since the Memorandum and Articles of Association stipulate who owns what, etc.
4. LLC has more expansion capability than a Limited.
5. Starting with a BN is good if you want to start really small and have very little capital
6. Many government agencies and big companies will prefer to award contracts to LLCs than BN.

Q: How Long Does Delivery Take?
A: Our Business Registration service takes a mean of 3 to 14 working days while LLC takes a mean of seven to twenty-eight working days.
Q: How Do I Make an Order?
A:  To make an order, simply choose one among the business registration options and click on “Order Registration”. Complete the billing information and make either full payment or 60% deposit and a CAC Consultant will contact you within 3 working hours to commence your business registration process. You can also make an order via Chat by click on the “Chat with a Consultant” button below.

Q: What benefits do I enjoy for incorporating a company?
A: Ability to open a Corporate Accounts, Customers/Clients take you more serious if your Company is registered, Banks only grant business loans to registered businesses, Your Company becomes your brand, Investors are more comfortable with a registered business.

Q: Can I open a Corporate Bank Account with my Business Name?
A: Yes, you can open a Corporate Bank Account with your Business Name.

Q: What are Shares?
Shares are often defined as units of ownership interest in a Limited Liability Company. While owning shares during a business doesn't mean that the shareholder has direct control over the business’s day-to-day operations, being a shareholder does entitle the possessor to participation within the profit (dividends) or losses (liabilities).

Q: How do I divide the shares of the company?
A: The amended CAMA 2020 makes provision for an individual to own 100% shares in a Company. You can however decide to allocate shares to partners, family members, partners, friends or investors. Allocation of shares is usually dependent on what the person is bringing on board. However you must be careful in choosing your shareholders as they are entitled to vote in the proceedings of company meetings, receive dividend, attend meetings and contribute to the affairs of the company, inspect company’s statutory books, protect proprietary interest in the management of the company.

Q: Why are my preferred names rejected by CAC?
A:  CAC reserves the right to reject names that are:

1. Capable of misleading as to the nature and extent of its activities.
2. Undesirable, offensive or contrary to public policy.
3. Identical with or similar to the name of a registered company unless the registered company is in the course of dissolution and consents in writing.
4. Contain the phrase “Chamber of Commerce” unless it is a company limited by guarantee.
5. Would violate any existing trade mark or business name unless with the consent of the trade mark or business name owner.
6. Would violate any incorporated trustee unless with consent of the trustees.

Q: How about Tax Identification Number (TIN)?
A: TIN registration is free. It now comes printed on Certificate of Incorporation of Limited Liability Companies. For Business Names we will help you register your TIN for free as soon as your Business Name is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. You don't have to pay any extra free to get your TIN.  However, if you want to register only a TIN number without a Business Name Registration through us, LoveArewa will help you with your TIN registration with a token of
₦ 5,000 only.

Q: Can a Foreigner Register a Business in Nigeria?
A: A foreigner can fully participate in the operation of any enterprise in Nigeria except enterprises in the negative list (which largely relates to the manufacturing of firearms and other military materials). The foreigner may operate alone or in Joint venture with Nigerians by means of a company, which has to be formed and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and with the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC).

Q:  How is LoveArewa Process Like?
A:  Our process very simple. Once you have activated your order by means of payment, one of our Consultants will be assigned to you. The consultant will get all your business details and get one of your name options approved before proceeding to draft all the registration documents. Once you have vetted the draft, the documents are electronically signed and submitted. As soon as your certificate and other Certified True Copy documents are ready, our delivery partners picks it up and deliver to your address.

Q:  Are there any extra charges or hidden fees?
A:  There is no extra charge or hidden fees. At we know that customers hate surprises and we take customers’ trust seriously. Once you have made payment, everything, including business consulting, documentation, additional charges on unapproved name searches as well as courier is included.

Q:  What are the Requirements for Business Registration?
A:  Since our team do all the work for you, including drafting all the legal documents, completing all the forms, etc, there are really no requirements per se. The basic thing is to have a Valid means of ID. Any of these ID Cards are accepted: International Passport, National ID Card, Drivers’ License or Permanent Voter’s Card. Once you have made an order, we will send you a Checklist. Nothing serious just stuffs like your business name, nature of business, business operating address, etc.

Q:  Can I upgrade a LLC to a Business Name Later?
A:   You can always upgrade from a Business name to a Limited Liability company at anytime of your choosing. However, this may take more time and money than registering a new company depending on the type of upgrade you are doing. There are two types of upgrade or conversion: Direct and indirect. Indirect conversion involves adding one or two words to the already existing business name. In this case the CAC see the upgrade as registering a new company. The cost for this is the same as a new company registration. Direct conversion means you use the same name and only add “LTD” at the end. This will require closing down the business name and then applying for the conversion. This may cost double the time and fees of registering a new company.

Q: What are the requirements for incorporating a Limited Liability Company?
A: CAC now allows individuals to register Business Names and Company by themselves, however LoveArewa saves you the headache with our affordable and reliable Company registration package. Still want to do it yourself? See process below

1. Check for availability of proposed company name .
2. After name has been approved, use the availability code to start process of registration and fill all necessary forms on the Company Registration Portal.
3. Complete pre-registration form and upload relevant documents and information online using Company Registration Portal.
4. Pay filing and Stamp duty fees.
5. Upon completion of the registration of any entity on the portal, your registration is approved by the Commission and an E- Certificate and Certified Extract of Registration information is automatically generated to your dashboard where you can download at your convenience.

Q: What is the minimum number of shares I can have for my company?
A: You can have as low as 100,000 shares however it is advisable to have at least 1 million share capital in place because cost of filing fees and stamp duties is the same.

Q: Can I be the only Director of the Company and why can’t my 10-year-old son be a Director of my company ?
A: The amended CAMA 2020 allows sole directorship and a maximum of 50. Likewise, minors (people under 18 years) cannot be a director but can however hold shares in the Company.

Q: Is it true that there are certain businesses that cannot be formed with 1 million share capital?
A: Yes, there are some Companies that cannot be formed with 1 million share capital. They include: Banks, Private Security Company, Insurance Businesses, Lotteries, Air Transport, Aviation, Freight Forwarding, Bureau De Change, Finance Companies, Pension Fund Managers, Underwriters, Issuers, Dealers, Tourism, etc.

Q: Since, I’m not available to sign the documents; can I send a scanned signature?
A: The CAMA 2020 provides for the electronic submission/filing of incorporation and other documents as well as the use of electronic signature.

Q: What documents do I get after the registration of my business?
A: A major and remarkable feature of the new system is the introduction of E-certificate. The commission has introduced and adopted issuance of E-certificate as against the former manual system where customers have to walk into the Commission to pick up the certificate of registrations and incorporation of all entities. Upon completion of the registration of any entity on the portal, your registration is approved by the Commission seamlessly, the certificate is automatically generated to your dashboard where you can download at your convenience.
The commission has also introduced a document format called E-status report to replace the CAC forms issued upon new registration/incorporation of all entities. The E-status report will now replace the Form CAC 1.1 for company registration, BN 1 for Business name registration, IT form 1 for Incorporated Trustees.

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