There is no doubt that democracy is kufr. And I am not aware of any reliable scholar of the Deen who has claimed otherwise. Likewise, it’s an indisputable fact that scholars of the Deen aren’t on a singular page as to participation in its process, be it running for a post or voting the one running.

Some of the erudite ‘ulamaa have maintained that, given the rotten root of the system of government in question, participating in it by any means possible – running, voting – is haraam. Those who are quick to hubristically label fellow Muslims with the extremist appellative should think twice before they do so on custodians of the Islamic knowledge. Scholars who are of this opinion are in their tens – not one, not ten. So, be careful of where your tongue may land you.

However, eyes shouldn’t be closed to the fact that some other dependable scholars have (in no contradiction to the aforesaid but in addendum to it) ruled that, on the ground of necessity, participation in democratic politics, is allowed. Scholars on this stance – past and present  – still hold that democracy is kufr, but participating in it to bring some good to the table for Islam is daruurah. This is why conditions for participation are attached.

May I urge fellow Muslims to deal calmly with one another on this matter, especially the social media gladiators, old and young. If our scholars could be on different ends on the issue, apparently, we may never line up on a single, straight file. That is almost impossible! If it is haraam to you, stay at home and pray for Allah’s touch on the system to align with what is healthy for us all. If you are taking to the other stance, cast your ballot conscientiously without fear or favour. The former should not sanctimoniously underrate the latter, as the latter are admonished to do away with labelling the former with extremity. Such is the best way to mind an issue of ijtihaad.


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